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Why Choose Advanced Spine on Park Avenue?

We believe we offer a difference.

Our experience, capabilities and history of satisfied patients proves it.

Google lists over 100 pain management practices in New York, many with strong qualifications for helping you feel better through advanced pain management treatment. However, we believe we offer something unique, given our prominent engagement in the leadership of pain management practice in the US, our investment in the most advanced equipment and ongoing training available and our ongoing search for new successful methods of treating our patients pain through scientific discovery, clinical trials and engagement at the area’s leading pain management hospital-based programs.

The feedback we get over and over again is how our caring approach to diagnosing and understanding the source of your pain leads us to deliver effective resolution, allowing you to regain the function in your life.

With the most sophisticated non-invasive surgical techniques, high-tech imaging and centrifugal medical equipment over 50 years of combined clinical experience and the patience to work with you until we succeed for you means that you can trust Park Avenue Spine & Pain to be there for you from the beginning and going forward.

But don’t take our word for it. Read and watch what our patients have to say about us in the testimonials and success stories below, and once your convinced we’re worth a try, contact us right away and make an appointment to talk to one of our doctors asap.

Patient Testimonials

For two years now, Dr. DeGregoris has helped me manage pain in my neck, hip, knees and lower back. And the best recommendation I can offer is that I have lived these last two years more pain free than I can remember for the last three decades. I feel blessed to have found him and I recommend him highly.

You do not see many doctors that spend time with their patients anymore. He took his time to understand what was wrong and solved the problem. I would recommend Dr. Diwan to others and already have.

Dr. Diwan put my mind at ease. He is by far one of the few doctors who cared completely about my situation. Since my last visit, I have completely learned how to walk again and am back to a full active lifestyle. His assistance during my four years of recovery encouraged me to set realistic goals and through hard work I have achieved them

Dr. DeGregoris is excellent - professional, knowledgeable and patient. He fully explained my diagnosis and proposed treatment options. Dr. DeGregoris answered all of my questions and the treatment he prescribed solved my pain issue. I would highly recommend him.

I would highly recommend Dr. Degregoris and his practice! He and his staff were friendly, spent time answering questions, and my mom felt very comfortable. My mom's back pain after three appointments dramatically decreased. We are forever grateful.

I have seen many doctors regarding chronic lower back pain and I have to say that Dr. Diwan was by far the nicest caring and professional doctor I have seen . He really me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease that he would help with my chronic pain . When I was leaving my visit he turned and said " Don't worry I will take good care of you" that means a lot to a patient who has seen many doctors and never got any relief . He seems to truly care about his patients not only their physical conditions but also their mental conditions ! Chronic pain sufferers know it affects not only your body but you mind's well being also . I would absolutely recommend him !!

Dr. Degregoris and his staff both medical and office are fantastic. I have had 9 complicated spinal surgeries and without his treatment, I have no doubt I would be bedridden. Thank you for your continued dedication and professionalism in helping those with chronic pain.

I couldn't find a Pain Management Specialist that dealt with the whole body not just the spine…until I was referred to Dr. Diwan. He is excellent and very accommodating. After two knee replacements I was still in a lot of pain. No matter what my knee surgeon did it didn't help my pain but he was pleased with my range of motion. Dr. Diwan listened to me a d created a plan of action. I feel so much better now I may not have the knee revision surgery I thought was inevitable. He is kind & reassuring. 

I can't imagine anyone having a bad experience with this caring and compassionate professional. I would have rated him excellent in all categories, but I did wait a while for my initial consultation. However, during my follow up visits, I was seen quickly. And once I met with him, I understood why. He devotes a great deal of time to his patients. He answered all my questions in detail and was genuinely concerned with my well being, even calling me personally to check up on my recovery. He never once rushed me or minimized my back pain, despite my barrage of endless questions. Most importantly, he was completely honest with me. While I'm aware that I may need surgery down the road, I continue to progress and feel better each day in the hands of Dr. Diwan, Thank you Doc and your wonderful staff for making me feel so much better…

I've been seeing Dr. Diwan for years for pain from endometriosis and adenomyosis...he and his staff helped me to better control my pain by taking less medication and enabled me to stop taking the stronger pain medicine I had required just to be able to last through a busy day. How? He realized that the medicine that worked needed to be taken regularly to work. We reduced my dose by half but I took it more regularly. In addition, I was given pain patches for the deep pains that kept me up at night. Within weeks I was managing my pain with ease, off the stronger meds and able to sleep through the night. I owe him a great deal.

An excellent experience. Dr Degregoris really cares about his patients and made me and my mother feel very safe under his care. My mother - being the patient - responded very well to therapy recommended by Dr D. and thanks to it - mom is back to her normal self. I am very thankful for Dr Degregoris help and will always recommend him to my family / friends and all my own patients in the hospital.

My husband had an appointment to see Dr. Degregoris after being in extreme lower back pain and being out of work for 2 weeks. We had been to the ER twice, twice to Spine Specialist, an appointment to get an MRI all this while he could barely walk. Finally, we went to this appointment with Dr. Degregoris and I have to say he was a Blessing for my husband. He suggested epidural injections and so far so good. They have helped him tremendously and it's only with one treatment. The Dr. knows what he is doing, he talks to you and treats you with compassion, he's a very friendly man. His staff are also very professional workers, very friendly and helpful answering any questions we had.  We are so happy and grateful to have been referred to Dr. Degregoris

Success Stories

Meet Daphne and Hear Her Story

Dr. Diwan was able to help Daphne and her family when he was able to diagnose and treat her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a painful and a=often mysterious pain condition suffered by thousands of New Yorkers every day.

Watch the video of Daphne, her grateful husband Sam and Dr. Diwan discussing this successful outcome.